September 25, 2011

Onci Ungu dan Endhita yang akan berlangsung Minggu, 23 Oktober mendatang, kabarnya pasangan ini akan mengundang sekitar seribu undangan.Akad nikah serta resepsi pernikahan akan di gelar di Balai Kartini, Jakarta dengan tema Hutan yang serba Hijau
"Kurang lebih seribu undangan. Konsep pengennya hijau, jungle, suasana subur. Pengen orang yang datang ngelihat suasana hijau itu menyenangkan. Untuk adat tetap ada, tapi aku berdua setujunya nasional," ungkap Onci Ungu saat ditemui di Studio RCTI.
"Akad nikah juga nggak terlalu kental adat, karena banyak tradisi yang harus dijalanin, waktunya sedikit. Jadi ya sudahlah. Orang tua mensupport saja," sambungnya.

September 22, 2011

Apology AVRIL LAVIGNE to fans in LONDON

In an official website Avrill Lavigne apologized kepad all the fans in london for the incident that happened .. The following is an excerpt from 

"London, I am so sorry for the disruption tonight in what should have been a celebration of my fans!
Shortly before my show tonight, there was a breach in security and now the police are handling.
I am so sorry! I have the best fans in the world and thank you for understanding! Love, Avril Lavigne"

Chua "bassist kotak band" lecture??

Busyness always approached the "kotak band". But the rush did not stop the bass player "kotak", Swasti Sabdastantri or Chua to keep studying.

Chua admitted between "Kotak" gig schedules and college have never united. As a result a student majoring in advertising at the London School had to turn the brain so that college is not neglected.

"I am consulting the same professors and deans. I send an email to them if you do not go to college. I asked for duty in lieu of roll call. Later in the next meeting I leave," said Chua.

Once upon a time box was compacted with a gig schedule. Chua also had to sacrifice his studies temporarily. He was on leave for 2 years.

"So now join together the semester 3. It does not matter to me anyway, is not education that's not age restricted. The important thing is studying," he explained.

However, he continued his college commitment should not be interrupted because of musicianship. Vice versa, he did not want to stop music.

"In my family concerned with education to their children. From the time of great-grandparents to always attached importance to learning. They are ferocious when it comes to education. Actually my parents' love of freedom. Okay career home responsibilities, whether at graduation, which is important is complete," he concluded, laughing.

September 21, 2011

The band, fronted by Hayley Williams, are about to start work on the follow-up to 2009's 'Brand New Eyes'.
''We're about to start writing it [the next album]. We're getting down to the core of refreshing our band. We're hoping to have the record out early next year, so hopefully we'll start to record it at the end of 2011," Williams told BBC Radio 1.

he album will be the band's first since Zac and Josh Farro quit the group at the end of last year.
Speaking about the Farro brothers departure, Williams added: "It's been a crazy, crazy six months. I think the best thing is to see how much support we get from our fans."
Meanwhile, Paramore's new single 'Monster' will appear on the soundtrack to the forthcoming Transformers movie, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.