September 22, 2011

Apology AVRIL LAVIGNE to fans in LONDON

In an official website Avrill Lavigne apologized kepad all the fans in london for the incident that happened .. The following is an excerpt from 

"London, I am so sorry for the disruption tonight in what should have been a celebration of my fans!
Shortly before my show tonight, there was a breach in security and now the police are handling.
I am so sorry! I have the best fans in the world and thank you for understanding! Love, Avril Lavigne"


  1. Hello Vanessa, so nice to found this awesome blog ! Welcome to blogger and happy nice blogging.. :D Btw I like Evanescence.., lets get the Rock !

  2. owner blog ne skrng,,,vanessanya gk taw kmn..hhehe
    oiya gan..mohon bantuannya my google for your comment.. :D