September 22, 2011

Chua "bassist kotak band" lecture??

Busyness always approached the "kotak band". But the rush did not stop the bass player "kotak", Swasti Sabdastantri or Chua to keep studying.

Chua admitted between "Kotak" gig schedules and college have never united. As a result a student majoring in advertising at the London School had to turn the brain so that college is not neglected.

"I am consulting the same professors and deans. I send an email to them if you do not go to college. I asked for duty in lieu of roll call. Later in the next meeting I leave," said Chua.

Once upon a time box was compacted with a gig schedule. Chua also had to sacrifice his studies temporarily. He was on leave for 2 years.

"So now join together the semester 3. It does not matter to me anyway, is not education that's not age restricted. The important thing is studying," he explained.

However, he continued his college commitment should not be interrupted because of musicianship. Vice versa, he did not want to stop music.

"In my family concerned with education to their children. From the time of great-grandparents to always attached importance to learning. They are ferocious when it comes to education. Actually my parents' love of freedom. Okay career home responsibilities, whether at graduation, which is important is complete," he concluded, laughing.

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